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Who we are

  • 1 Todd and Lisa Ruggeri are accomplished trainers who truly
    are dedicated to 'making a difference' with You and your life!.
  • 2 Todd A. Ruggeri has a security force
    military background that is coupled with over 21 years in law enforcement and is a current Homicide detective.
  • 3 Lisa Ruggeri has a military background
    with 20 years of law enforcement as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst and is a successful entrepreneur.
  • 4 Todd and Lisa have taught thousands
    of law enforcement personnel and business professionals around the United States. So, let us help you!

Training Classes

More training will be posted soon,
so check back.

Team Ruggeri

Todd A. Ruggeri Current Homicide detective with 21 years of law enforcement experience

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Lisa Ruggeri Retired Intelligence Analyst with 20 years of law enforcement experience

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Jack Ruggeri Seven years life experience with an unbias opinion from a child's perspective.

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A few words about us

This is the training hub for all of Todd and Lisa’s training. With the various areas of expertise between us, new training will be developed and added often. The speaking events on our “Calendar” page will show what training is scheduled and where it will be held. We can and will travel should you have an event where you would like us to present. Registration for all training events will be on “Training” page.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events! Make sure you get on our mailing list on our "Contact Us" page" so that we can update you via e-mail about all new training events.

- Todd & Lisa

Todd and Lisa have a unique story that needs to be told. They are currently turning their story into training for law enforcement, fire and military personnel.

Our Story